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Let it Go: Baton Rouge’s Minos the Saint’s Musical Democracy 

                 - John Wirt, Offbeat Magazine, May 2016

Album Talk: "Awake and Dream" by Minos the Saint

- James West, Jive Flamingo, April 2016

Minos the Saint brings Awake and Dream album release party to Chickie Wah Wah, 3/20

- Jay Mazza, The Vinyl District, March 2016


Minos the Saint’s debut album bridges the gap between studio and live performances 

                - Kaci Yoder, 225 Magazine, February 2016


Minos the Saint to Release Studio Debut ‘Awake and Dream’ 

               - Kelley Crawford, The Advocate, February 2016


Indefinable Minos 

               - J.W. Long, Country Roads Magazine, February 2016


Premier of Let Me Sleep Video 

               - Exclusive release by 225 Magazine, March 2014


Minos the Saint: Baton Rouge Chamber Folk Quartet Starts New Orleans Residency 

               - Jan Ramsey, Offbeat Magazine, January 2014


Minos the Saint Makes a Move 

                - Brian Sibille, My Spilt Milk, January 2014


Baton Rouge-based band Minos the Saint look to respect the music in first EP  

                - Chelsea Brasted,, June 28, 2013


Climbing the Musical Mountain 

                - 225 Magazine, May 2013


Preview: Peter Simon with Denton Hatcher at Mud and Water

                - Justin McGowan, 225 Magazine, February 2013


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