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What the critics are saying...

 "...the amazing edge-slicing chamber-chomping supergroup from Baton Rouge." - Andy Durta, SideBar Nola

“…their collaboration creatively blends their fluencies in regional, roots, jazz, blues and classical music in a way that is easily digested by many types of music fans.” – Jan Rasmey, OffBeat Magazine


"Minos the Saint pairs Peter Simon’s rule-breaking songwriting with upbeat, pop-orchestral arrangements. French horn, two trombones, violin, mandolin, accordion, keyboards and percussion beautifully complement the frontman’s poignant baritone." - John Wirt, OffBeat Magazine


“Watching him do his thing, you need not wonder whether he could play all three instruments simultaneously…if he only had six hands.”  — Justin McGowan on Ben Herrington, 225 Magazine


“Their diverse musical backgrounds yield a sonic kaleidoscope featuring uncommon instrumentation, clever arrangements, and frequent flights of jazzy improvisation. The result is a fresh brand of experimental, yet accessible folk rock with influences from Louisiana and around the world.” – Jay Mazza, The Vinyl District

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